3 Step – Easy Closet Organization Hacks!

It is so true that every minute spent organizing will give you an hour. And one of my favorite places to be organized is in my closet!

Today we are going to talk about my 3 easy steps for creating the organized closet of your dreams!

This is WAY easier than it sounds! You start with the first piece and keep going until you get to the last piece. LOL! Yes, I realize you may have hundreds of items in your closet but it doesn’t need to be done all at once – you can do it over days or even weeks. With each piece, pause, take a QUICK moment and ask yourself three questions: (Note, don’t agonize over it, your first instinct is usually the right one)

  • Will I ever wear this again?
  • Have I even worn this in the last two seasons where I could have worn it?
  • Does it make me smile?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is NO, then it has to GO! Set it aside for donation so that someone else can love it! Once you’ve gone through everything, move on to the next step.

Organize your clothes and other items in your closet & put the same type of items together. For each type of item, decide the following:

  • What do I want to hang?
  • What do I want folded?
  • Which items do I use most frequently?

Once you’ve decided WHAT you’re going to do with each type of item, the fun part begins! Let’s move on to the FINAL STEP:

You’ve kept only the pieces you like, organized them by type and decided HOW you want to put them in your closet. Now it’s time to make magic! Let’s take a look at some ideas for what we want to DO with our belongings:

  • Start with the hanging items. If you want them to look incredibly neat and clean, choose the same type of hanger for all your hanging items (It sounds crazy but it looks amazing!). For mine, I chose a thin hanger because I have LOTS of items hanging and it gives me extra space. For Keiths’, I chose a thicker white hanger (and am thrilled that all of his finally match!) – it looks good and is an inexpensive choice. As you’re hanging items up, sort those items by style & color. For example: Shirts, Long Sleeved and then by color. Then do the short sleeved by color and sleeveless by color. I can’t tell you HOW much easier it makes it to find what I’m looking for!
  • Move on to your folded items – again, make sure you’re putting the same kinds of items together. Folded items have so much versatility – you might fold them in a drawer (if you don’t have all your drawers in the closet, put the items you use most frequently in the closet and the other items in the bedroom) You may also put them on a shelf or in some sort of bin! Think about how you get dressed in the day and which items you’ll need access to on a regular basis.
  • Now for the items you use most frequently – put those in a top drawer or a bin that you can easily grab. Take some time and really think through this. If the items you grab the most are easy to get, you’ll save time in your day not having to search through.
HAVE FUN and enjoy your new, organized closet!!!

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